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Hi! It’s all about the hair today.  All of us have that one thing that makes us feel like we have a little jump in our step.  For me, when I put a few beach waves in my hair,  I immediately feel more pulled together. So I am excited to share the products I use and a few helpful tips to achieve the beach wave look. My favorite everyday products for this look are pictured below.  Lets get our waves on!


You can achieve this look on any length of hair that wraps around a wand once or twice.  Today I am using a 25mm wand that creates a soft tousled look.  I like to use the 25 mm on my hair when I want the waves to stay in a bit longer.  If I use a bigger wand I tend to need more products, so for an every day style I like to keep my products simple and my wand smaller.  Start with dry hair and use the Nume 25 mm curling wand. This is an awesome curling iron, it has a 360 degree rotating power cord.  I love this feature because it keeps the cord from tangling.  You can shop the link below or take a closer look.  Curling Wand


Okay excuse the no make-up look I have going on here.  I like to do my make-up after my hair.  I usually get hot and like to save myself any touch ups.  Sorry for the side bar, back to business.  If you are curling the left side of your hair, grab a small section of hair with your left hand and reach over your head with your right hand holding the wand.  this makes it easy to curl the hair away from your face.  This curling iron comes with a glove however I find it harder to use.  Hold on to the ends of your hair away from the wand.  This look is meant to be a tousled look, the ends look better if they are not curled under.  FullSizeRender (6)

Repeat on your right side of your head.  Hold the hair with your right hand and reach over with the left.  When you release the hair do not untwist it, just pull up on the curling wand and let the hair fall.

The next step is adding volume.  You guys, if your hair is flat like mine, this will be your new favorite product.  It is made by Bamboo and gives your hair volume and hold.  Lift up small sections in you crown area, give a shake of the liquid powder on your root and give your hair a little shake.  You will have instant volume.

Bamboo Liquid Powder

Bamboo Uplifting Hair Spray

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

FullSizeRender (13)

Now you are ready to lightly spray your beach waves with the bamboo uplifting  hair spray.  Go throw some lipstick on, grab your coffee and head out the door with your cool hair!  One more thing, when  the afternoon comes around I will touch up my roots with Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo because I tend to have oily hair.  It makes my hair look fresh all day long.  I can even use this product for a second day to help with the oil and stretch my styling efforts out a day.  And not having to do your hair two days in a row is magical!  Good luck, and remember your waves do not have to be perfect, just keep trying.  You will get the hang of it.

Cheers, Nicole


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