My back to school picks for elementary school kids

Are you ready for back to school?  I am not sure I am ready for packing lunches, but I am ready for a few hours of quiet.   Maybe some of you have already sent your kids off to their first day of school, our first day is just around the corner.   If you need any last minute tips on dressing your kids, read on!

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The real deal about dressing kids, is that usually what ever we buy them they mix and match and come out looking not at all how we thought they would.  Miss matched shoes and tops galore, and you know what… I am okay with that. We start them out clean, but by breakfast there is spilled milk or crumbs on their cute shirts.  This is how it went for me when my kids were little.  Now that they are a bit older we have less messes and some have started to carefully put outfits together while others are still miss matched. However, the one thing that has always remained the same through every phase is comfort.  Kids want to be comfortable in their clothes.  They play hard at recess.  The little ones have to sit “criss-cross-applesauce” on the floor.  They move and bend and are up and down in their seats, so of course comfort makes sense.

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 Polo,  Pull On Pants, Cute Dresses Here, Headband

Boys, boys, boys and their obsession with athletic wear.  I just go with it now, and honestly it makes my life easier and probably theirs.  No buttons, zippers or tags to mess with.  Target makes great ones, I find great pieces at Marshall’s as well. But most of the time I hop online and head straight to Under Armour to find lots of sales and clothing options you can’t find in department stores.

Girls, Girls,  Girls and their pre-teen style.  Ms. T is at the end of her elementary years and her and her friends’ style has started to transition out of dress, and leggings into of an older girl look.  T swore she would never wear jeans. However, her opinion changed when we picked up a pair of Hudson Jeans from the Nordstrom sale that are super soft. We explored and found more comfortable jeans from Old Navy. Jeggings from Old Navy have also been a favorite.  I have to say, this makes me happy that our pant options have expanded.  Her fun navy top that she is wearing in the above picture, is a perfect summer blouse to pair with jeans for the first day of school.  A similar one can be found here.  Adding a cute accessory like this CC Beanie is a cute way to add a more grown up feel to a simple tee.  One last tip before I go.  If you have a tall daughter who is out growing kids sizes, try shopping in the women’s petite section.  Taylor is wearing a grey cotton linen v-neck tee from Banana Republic in a petite xs.  Petite clothing is cut for woman 5 4′ and under.  I found they fit better in the length for Miss T.

A quick recap… comfy, cute and reasonably priced playground clothes is where it is at for the elementary kids!

Happy back to school, Nicole

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