The skin edition. What I think of the Halo Laser and Botox. A special promotion this week, details below!

Happy Monday!  Why are Monday mornings so rough?  I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. Before my Med spa procedures I would start my morning off pretty much the same way.  I  had a cup of coffee and would start getting ready for the day.  A few months ago I started catching a glimpse of my sleepy eyed, make-up free face in the mirror and think to myself hmm. A little pull up on the forehead, wrinkle in the nose, a run of my hands over my face to see if it really is my reflection looking back at me.  I am thirty-eight, a far cry from being old, or at least that is how I think of myself however time does not stop and age finds a way to show in different ways on our bodies, and faces.  Botox seems to be everywhere, we chat about it over wine with our girlfriends, wonder if our husbands or pocket books will notice, think about which aging path we really want to go down.  There is also the topic of when do you do it, where to do it, how much does it cost, do I want to age gracefully, what are the effects?  All questions most of us have thought about as the wrinkles and lines start to appear.  Before I begin telling you about my experience, I think what we choose to do or not do is a personal choice and ultimately we choose to do what feels right for ourselves.  I believe in owning what ever is right for oneself.  I am only here to tell you about my first experience and a laser treatment that I have recently had that knocked my socks off.  And if you are interested in any of the procedures I hope this little blog post can help you find people that you can trust as much as I did with your aging or lack there of path!

First up Botox!


Okay I am just being silly here but this picture shows exactly how I felt before my first procedure.  Botox doesn’t hurt at all.  A little prick of a needle and that is it. They will use an ice pack to numb the area and the tiny needle is in your skin no longer than a few seconds at a time. The second time I had it done, I told Niki who is one of the RN’s at the office, and happens to be a personal friend, that I didn’t even need ice beforehand.  Niki and other skilled nurses work at  Doctor Robert G. Aycock’s office in Walnut Creek. You guys, this Doctor is one cool cat.  He doesn’t seem like a typical plastic surgeon.  He takes time to chat with you and has an easy humble demeanor about him.  The office is warm an inviting and the people that work there put your nerves at ease from the moment you walk in.  Check out his website  for more information about him.  I also had a laser treatment called the Halo by Nurse Ashley at the Greenbrea office that we will talk about in a few.

As I sat down to have my first ever Botox injection, I was so nervous.  I went to Niki because I needed someone to blame if I looked crazy (kidding).  No really, I went to her because I trust her, she is a perfectionist, skilled and a confident nurse. I knew she would listen to me about all my concerns and what I wanted to achieve.  Well I have to say I didn’t look crazy at all and all my expectations were meet.  And there lies the magic little secret of anti aging routines. I looked well rested, a subtle refreshed look and well, just better!

Before                                                                          About a month after

So on to the price.  Your personal price depends on how much you do.  I apparently have very strong forehead muscles, so mine runs anywhere from $350-$400.  Yikes, pricey I know but I do have to say worth it.  That is why I wanted to pass on the invitation to Doctor Aycock’s Fall open house in his Walnut creek office tomorrow October 24th.   Please call the office to reserve your spot. 925-937-8377  The office is offering a 20% savings on the med spa procedures including the Halo which you can watch below, lasers, injectables and skin care products.

Watch the Halo Laser Treatment

The Halo is a laser treatment that helps with skin pigmentation, sun damage, dark spots, redness, fine lines, pores, and texture.  About six months ago I started a journey to repair my skin.  I got adult acne, my texture was awful, years of picking my face and not being very diligent with sunscreen left me self conscious.  I had to get my skin to a place where I could even get the halo treatment. My goal was to be able to wear a tinted moisturizer not full coverage foundation, add a little mascara and a pop of color on my lips and be out the door.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to report back a positive result with the laser.  There is a healing process involved and about mid way through I thought, yeah I am not so sure.  But patience pays off because  I can honestly say with confidence that I would recommend this treatment.  This procedure is not a walk in the park however the discomfort is manageable.  My texture is amazingly smoother, my pores smaller, dark sports faded and my skin looks more radiant.  I can wear a tinted moisturizer, throw on some lipstick and feel confident with my skin and the way I look.  I do still have a few red spots that can be removed at a later time but I am so happy with the results. I have never thought of myself as having pretty skin but I do have to say that has changed for me.  I saw Ashley Nguyen RN at the Greenbrea office you can contact her at 415-925-1700

Come meet Doctor Aycock and his experienced team on Tuesday October 24th 5:00-7:00 and receive significant savings.  There will also be raffle prizes, goody bags, drawings for gift baskets along with wine and Hors d’oeuvres

1855 San Miguel Dr, ste 4

Walnut Creek, CA


Cheers to better, younger looking skin,




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4 thoughts on “The skin edition. What I think of the Halo Laser and Botox. A special promotion this week, details below!

    1. Hi Kari. So before the special and depending on the laser strength the halo ranges from $1,600-3,000. Tomorrow you can purchase the treatment at 20% off and can use it anytime. So I think that puts the level one laser treatment at just under $1,000. I won’t have to do it again as long as long as I can keep my hands off my face and use sunscreen.

    2. Oh I thought my reply went through. Sorry. Depending on the laser the cost is $1,600-3,000. Tomorrow doctor aycocks office is holding a fall open house and offering 20% off which would put the first laser a little under $1,000. My biggest concern was texture and I think my skin drastically improved. I believe for me it was a one time treatment but you would have to consult with one of the nurses or doctor I think to get an accurate answer on how long it lasts.

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