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Hello, I can't believe it has been two weeks since I have been able to stay up late enough to write down some fashion thoughts! I do not know about you guys but with the rush of back to school the last few weeks have been a whirl wind. I am happy to be back writing and sharing with you some fall fashion trends that you will be seeing pop up in stores.  Soon the weather will turn crisp and we will be drinking pumpkin spice everything in our fall colored scarves.  The question is,  what will we be seeing this fall for styles?  Well let me tell you I am loving what I am seeing in the world of denim.  That is right ladies, our mom uniform at its finest.  I am sharing the four pairs I really have fallen in love with.  I like the high wasted to Mid Rise jeans.  They are easy to move in and everything stays all tucked in!  Both these cuts are very much in style this season.  I have seen lighter colors making their way into the stores as well.  I found a great pair of Citizen of Humanity light colored, high waist jeans but I just couldn't fork over the $208 for a trend I am not sure will stick around.  I did love them, but I guess that is the beauty of getting older we can rationalize a bit better.  We don't have to buy into every trend.  If they strike you as something you can not pass up here they are....and now that I posting them, I am drooling and it is taking everything in my power not to go to the Nordstrom website and put them in my bag.  I don't know about you but if they are in my little online shopping cart after a glass of wine that checkout button magically gets pushed and they show up at my house. Yikes!

  Okay, lets talk about the high waist cut.......the trick is not having your booty look a mile long.  For me I have a "Thass" so I have to be careful.  What is a "thass" you is where your booty conveniently just runs right into your thigh, (squats and lunges here I come)  the summer is over for the kids and my back side!  But I digress.  Back to jeans.  I have tried on more than a dozen and the jeans below are my favorite picks.  Note if you have a short torso try a mid-rise.  Another tip before we move on, is a skinny belt can be a nice touch.  Do not do a thick belt with high-waist jean if you have a short torso.  You don't want to make it look like the "girls" are sitting  on top of that belt.  The trick is to slightly break up a long line from the back.  Long wasted women can get away with a thicker belt but my suggestion is to keep the belt to an inch in thickness or below when wearing he high waist trend.

Colored denim is here to stay.  AG is a great brand, considering how expensive jeans can be $178 is expensive but worth the splurge.  Wit and Wisdom is a new brand for me that I found at Nordstrom. They run right around $60-$70, honestly you can't beat the price for a truly great pair of jeans.  I am typically a size 27 or a size 4  and I found they ran true to size.  They are pretty cropped on me, I don't mind so much but for most woman they will hit at the perfect place.  You will also see raw edge hems, cropped styles and grey jeans.  These will all make an appearance for Fall.  I love my Paige grey jeans, my friend Val even said my booty looked good in them, so hey, that means they are staying in my closet FOREVER!  They also have a raw edge and the perfect shade of grey.  I am loving cedar, light pink and olive colored tops paired with grey this season.

Have fun with the denim trends for fall.  If you don't love the trends stay in something classic like a skinny jean.  I LOVE my skinny jeans.  My personal favorite is the DL1961, these run pretty long and are true to size, with a lot of stretch.

Happy Denim shopping.  Next week we are talking shoes and all about tops with the front tie!

Cheers, Nicole

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