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Summer vacation is coming to an end, although in California we have a month or two of sunny days left.  As we hold onto the warmer days we still have time to show off those tan legs in cute shorts or skirts.  Today I am sharing the weekly dose of keeping it real style with a simple warm weather outfit.  Looking pulled together can be done with a simple combination of adding an accessory or a layer.  A patterned short or a cute shoe can make an every day outfit feel special.  I wore this outfit to celebrate my son’s 6th birthday.


All items can be shopped in the underlined links.    Other than Stella & Dot,  Kendra Scott is one of my favorite go to brands for accessories.  I am wearing a hot pink accent necklace.  The stone comes in 16 different colors.  It makes adding a pop of color a no brainier.  And adding a pop of color means adding a pop of style.  My tank has adjustable tie straps, being tall or having a long torso can make it hard to find a suitable length, just as being petite can.  After all, hardly any of us look like the mannequins in the store, so finding cuts that work well are important.  We will save dressing correctly for your body type blog for another day.  It is a subject I love!  For reference I am  5 11′ and wear mostly smalls and mediums in tops.   A nice cut on a simple tank can be worn alone or makes for a pretty layering piece.   My particular tank is sold out but a similar one can be found in the link for $15 and come is five colors.  The  Criss-Cross tank  is a great variation of the tank I am wearing and has the same neckline.  You can’t beat the price!  

My  Tory Burch flip flops were a splurge for me.  I have wanted to buy them for a few summers but always stopped short because of the price.  But honestly, I wear them all the time and price per wear made them a good deal for me.  At least that’s what I tell me husband, wink, wink!  I don’t believe in a label making an item a nice piece to own, however when I slip these bad boys on I do feel a little fancy.   When you have shorts, even cute ones like the ones shown, it is nice to have a little piece that makes it feel special.  I bought these shorts from gap several years ago, and they are a classic style that I will wear for a few more seasons.  I found a similar pair of shorts for you at Nordstrom.  Throw on a classic denim jacket to round out a complete summer look.  In the layout above I added a different necklace that is colorful and fun to wear.  The necklace is $39 and is brightly colored making it  easy to wear with a variety of clothes.  It also comes in neutral colors which is a nice option for the fall and winter months.   I love this fun piece.  It is called the Reina

Enjoy the last bit of summer.  I hope the weekly dose of “Keeping it Real Style” helps you find a new outfit in your own closet that you already have or you find some cute pieces to add to your collection of clothes and accessories.  FYI, I am just going to hide behind these balloons and pretend school is really not starting!

Happy shopping!


Cheers, Nicole

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